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HAHAHHAHAHAHHAAAA [Aug. 6th, 2004|03:54 am]
The Animequeens

Which LJ friends will you sleep with?
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Sex in the backseat of a car efcartoon
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This Quiz by akasha82 - Taken 53345 Times.
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... yeah, right.

Hey, Vampy! Get yer ass over here... we gotta write some yaoi fanfiction first. >.>

Hahaha.... 132... haha.... oh that's grand.
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Something weird.... [Jul. 29th, 2004|02:53 pm]
The Animequeens
[mood |irritatedirritated]
[music |Paul Oakenfold - I dunno what song it is... but I like it.]

I suppose I should brief you guys on a little history of the apartment before I delve into this strange event that occured early this morning. We've been living in this apartment since mid-May of this year, and since then we've had several visitors arrive at 3:00 or 4:00 am that we do not know. All of these people are looking for "Kendra", they're all preppy guys, and usually, once they know he/she doesn't live here anymore, they get all embarrassed, say they're sorry to bug us, and leave. This has happened twice, as far as I remember.

So last night Mike and I went to bed around 4:00 am, which isn't unusual for us. We had only been sleeping about 2 and a half hours when I woke up to pounding on our door. I thought I was still dreaming and just closed my eyes again, but it kept up. I woke Mike up and said, "Mike, there's someone at our door... do you have any idea of who would come here at 6:30 in the morning??" The knocking/pounding kept up, Mike got a little more awake, and said, "No... but I'll go see who it is." I mean, these people were persistent; they had probably been knocking quite awhile. So I'm still laying in bed, and I hear Mike open the door, and this guy go, "Hey, I need to get in." There was this pause, and Mike was like, "No, I don't think so.... why?" And the guys says, "Is Kendra here? I've been staying with her for the past couple of weeks... I need to get in to get some clothes." And Mike kind of laughed and replied, "No, I don't think you've been staying here; that person doesn't live here anymore." But the guy would not take this for an answer and said, "No, you don't understand - I've been staying here for the past couple of weeks. I NEED to get in!" And I guess Mike said, "Well, ok..." and opened the door a little for him. The guy stepped inside, there was a pause, then he said, "Oh, shit!" And I guess he ran off. Mike came back to bed and told me everything that happened, and I was like...0.0.... I mean, this was just a leeeetttle weird. It seemed like we had been asleep for hours and hours, and it literally just happened a little bit after we had fallen asleep.

So I think when I go in to pay rent (which is August 1st) I'm gonna say something to the manager, because I'm starting to get a little freaked out. Maybe this Kendra person just gave this address to icky people whom she didn't want to see anymore. Maybe she moved without telling these people for a reason. I don't know; I probably don't wanna find out, either.

- Heather
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Hehe [Jul. 28th, 2004|03:47 am]
The Animequeens
Ok, I just thought that this was funny and decided to post it... funny for more than one reason, too.

animequeens may actually be a spider-human hybrid


From Go-Quiz.com

Ok, I'll stop posting now.

- Heather
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The Preview [Jul. 28th, 2004|03:41 am]
The Animequeens
Here's that preview of the sc site:


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So I guess.... [Jul. 28th, 2004|03:17 am]
The Animequeens
[mood |hothot]
[music |MYST III: Exile Soundtrack]

So I guess I thought maybe I should update for once and let everyone know what was going on with ME; not like you CARE, but still. Now here's what's going on...

I quit my job at the IHOP. What job at the IHOP, you say? Well, it was a shitty job that lasted about three weeks... I ended up being a prep person instead of the cook I was hired to be... not like they really "cook" the food there, anyway. Then I got hired at this new and very cool restaurant called the HuHot. It was really fun for like... the first couple of days. Now don't get me wrong, it's not that I don't like the food there or something... it's that I was supposed to be a fuggin cook and I'm PREP again... which means they are paying me $6.50/hr instead of $8.00/hr... I guess they just have something against putting girls out there to cook or something. I swear they just want these creepy guys to be the only ones standing around the grill getting all sweaty and gross. >.> But anyway, besides that, I just am sick of dealing with restaurant shit. I like the fact that the scheduling can be really flexible, but I don't like how they treat you there. I always end up staying an hour or so late because they need help closing. Well, if they need help, then they should have scheduled me to close, not till an hour beforehand, and then expect me to stay and help anyway. Even my boyfriend's best friend (who is a manager at the restaurant next door to the HuHot) wants to quit his new job already, because of all the crap that he has to put up with at that place.

Well, anyway, so I wanna quit my job now, too. I'm really sick of the shit that comes with food service jobs. I guess they just aren't my thing. So I applied for a job at MSUM again, as a graphic art assistant. At least that'd actually be a good thing for my major (Graphic Communications). But my chances of getting hired are probably like.... 1/50. Yeah, so that is basically to be forgotten about. >< I don't know what to do... I am just better with computers than food, and I should get used to it. :D

In other news, Megan and I started working on the Shonen Chikara webpage again, and I would love to post a preview of it here... I'll do that in awhile. I really like designing webpages, too, but I really dislike a lot of the languages people use to make them. For example, I can be just fine with HTML, and possibly some java and/or javascript. I usually just use HTML. I guess I can understand things for forums or larger sites, such as SQL or PERL, but I really don't see the point of some others. I guess my time will come, when I have to design some really complicated site and I will have to use all that stuff. But back on topic...

So Megan has been coming over a lot and we're really excited about getting the next issue up along with our new site (which will probably debut before the issue). But besides that, life hasn't been that exciting lately... just a lot of work at home and at...work. ^^

I'm gonna go now and update my deviantart site. Then I can post a preview of the page for you guys.

See ya, ja ne, bis dann...
- Heather
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Lack of Sleep = Joyous Times. [Jul. 24th, 2004|02:50 am]
The Animequeens
[mood |hungryhungry]
[music |Tori Amos - Hey Jupiter EP]

Okay, more fucked-up dreams! I said if I had any interesting ones, I'd post them. Well, here goes nothing but my pride...

I was driving [in my sexy Buick, off course!], down a dirt road. I was listening to something, but I can't remember what it was now. It was music that I knew really well, because I was singing along, probably improvving stuff. It wasn't very exciting, actually. I turned left and suddenly other people were in my car with me. I knew the three of them, and apparently it didn't bother me that they just APPEARED. We were in town now, and waiting at a stoplight. A man was crossing on the other side of the road on a crosswalk. He had long, dark blonde hair [brownish, almost] and he wasn't wearing a shirt. He was carrying a box, maybe a bag, I can't tell. He gets to the sidewalk and looks back at me - and he's got the face of one of my friends. This is where it all gets a leetle fuzzy. I remember other people fading in and out of the car - I remember some of them crying and I can't make them stop and when I fail, they fade away, replaced by some other entity. I know most of the people that appear. One of them is a pretty young woman, and I know her through other dreams and a few odd encounters. She smiles at me, waves and fades. It's really good to see her and I have this feeling that everything is okay now. Other people take her place, some of them angry, some of them sad, no one is really very happy, save for the first three. I see the people that don't talk to be any more, and one of them is crying, but he puts his hand on my shoulder and says, "I forgive you. It's okay." Everything starts fading in and out of focus, people keep reappearing and disappearing, and I get really upset. I start crying, because I realize somehow that everyone is dead. When they fade out, they die. I don't want all of them to die - I don't want them to be unhappy. I crash the car, and I think it was on purpose. I get out of it, my head hurts and there's blood in my eyes. My leg isn't working quite right and everything hurts. I start walking, and I'm trying to find them, where they are, and I realize that my car was the medium for them to talk to me and now I broke it. This makes me less happy than I was before. I sit down in the middle of the road and wait. A car will come to me soon. Hopefully they won't see me, though. I try to rub the blood out of my eyes and pull at my hair, which is sticking in the blood. I'm still crying and I can see headlights. I try not to move - if I don't move, they'll be less likely to see me. They stop. I curse. Someone gets out of the car. He picks me up off the ground, telling me that they've been looking for me. Where have I been? I tell him I don't know. I try to stop crying - I don't want him to see it. He brings me back to my house, where the other two are. They ask me what happened and I say I don't know. I stumble towards the bathroom, the one in my mother's room. She stops me and turns my head to look into my eyes. She kisses the side of my cheek and tells me to be careful. He asks me if I'm going to be okay. I nod, afraid that if I speak, my voice will break. Suddenly, he tells me that he failed his job as a protector and that he'll fix something... I just shake my head and tell him it wasn't his fault - I did it in purpose and a protector can't always protect someone from themselves. I tell him that I am my own worst enemy. He looks taken aback for a second, then nods. He says he'll try harder and kisses my cheek as well. I actually get to the bathroom and decide to take a shower. I wrap myself in a towel and there's a knock on the door - someone is out there. He actually wasn't clothed at the time... and I'm not clear on why. He reaches into the bathroom and pulls me out by my chin. He hugs me for a second, then tells me that I'm getting him bloody. I look at him, backing into the bathroom and tell him, "....thanks. Even if you're dead... uh..." He just looks at me, smiles and says, "No problem." I shut the door.

O_o. Woo. Wasn't that fun, everybody?
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More Goddamnit!! [Jul. 22nd, 2004|03:42 am]
The Animequeens
[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |Army of Lovers - I Cross the Rubicon]

Okay, it's just been one of those weeks. Everything is on crack! Apparently, I am too. I have been having these weird dreams. Normally, in my dreams, they're stupid, like once I had a dream I was a plum. O_o? It was actually really cool, but anyway... If I remember my dreams at all, they're retarded and are filled with wondrous things like giant chickens or something. That, and I am never myself in my normal dreams. Lately, I have been and it's creepy as hell! Just suddenly, I started dreaming about myself. It's so weird. I had this one really icky dream, but I wasn't myself in that one. I had this psychotic one...

It involved me and three of my friends - Beautiful, Sheila and Joleen. We were in this little shop thingy, like a thrift store or a flea market. I was trying to buy old, giant teeth and I ran into a lot of people I knew. I was walking toward the other end of the shop [looking for something else that I will discuss shortly.], and I bumped into Heather and Mike [maiku!]. Heather was trying to convince Mike that this black, lacey shirt she had found was neat. Mike apparently thought the shop was weird, so he wanted to leave. I think I waved at them or something. I was then looking for a ring, and I knew who the ring was for in the dream, but once I woke up, I couldn't remember. I wandered amongst the aisle things, and I ran into Matt and Jenel. I literally smacked into Matt, who looked down at me quizzically. I asked him if he could help me, and he asked if he knew me - I looked familiar. I realized, in the dream, that I hadn't met him yet. I apparently time-travelled back two years. I am magical! So I had to be really careful what I said or he'd realize that he knew me in the FUTURE. O_. ... Yeah. So he and Jenel went off somewhere and I found rings. I found a small, silver one with a pale blue, milky stone. It was set on the top of the band, with little silvery swirly things holding it on. It was very small, and I knew it was for a small hand. I don't know if it was for a female or a male, but the style was unisex, leaning toward feminine. I decided the ring was too small - I had to find a different one. I found two more in the same style, one with a red, milky stone and the other with blue. I think I bought the blue one. I walked over to some other display and found a pendant - it was of the god Shiva, and he was made of gold and jade and there was some person-looking thing kissing his foot. I almost bought it, but then I think I changed my mind. There was also a green plastic thing involved, but I don't remember what it was or why it was there. I think it was a glow-in-the-dark dragon. >_< So anyway, I left the shop and drove to a house that was supposed to be Joleen's - it wasn't actually anything like her house - it was more like my old friend Lisa's... I went into the basement and Beautiful looked at me and said, "Well, I guess it's just Pick On The Lesbian Day." I asked her why, walking to the other end of the room. I realized she was sitting next to a girl and the girl was crying. Then I was crying. ?_? I don't know. Joleen said we had to get ready to go to prom. As you can see, the timeline in this is screwy. I went to prom THIS year, but I was back in time two years from meeting Matt... whatever. I told Joleen that I didn't have anything to wear, and Sheila piped up. She said that she knew what we could go as - trees!! What the fuck?! Trees? I asked her if this was some sort of costume prom and she said yes. I didn't want to dress as a tree... so I was trying to gently tell her no by asking her where to get tree costumes. She laughed and said, "I have some in my pocket!" And proceeded to whip them out. They were very small, like 5 inches tall. She smiled and told me, "If you water them, they'll grow!"

So what the hell was that? I don't get it at all... and to top it off, I was ME in the dream!! Not like a camera, non-person perspective... I was actually inside a body and it was mine. Screwy.

There are MORE, too. One was about a blue dude and a red dude, named something like Cinnamon and IceMint or something. They were in a police car and they kept talking in prose and rhyme about things that were going on. I had this dream when I crashed at Sheila's place. It was fucked up. I don't remember most anything else of it.

And I also had a dream in which I wasn't myself - I was a character from SC, who hasn't been introduced. He was walking around in this low-ceilinged house, which was dimly-lit and everything. He was with this girl character that I was considering adding. Her name was Jonah, by the way. Her character is this Catholic-type school girl who ends up dating the dude character and she kinda changes into this bitchy goth-type girl. It's weak, I know, but it sounded better in my head. She starts out really naive, so it kinda explained why'd she date this loser dude. She was there in the house and this guy sort of attacked her. Suddenly, my consciousnes switched from the dude to Jonah. Bad things ensued and I kept switching in and out of bodies. That was the icky dream that I mentioned earlier. Crack!

And then I had a really... stupid dream. I was in my own body, standing in a field. There were forest-type evergreen and oaks and shit on three sides of me and I was facing an open side of the rectangular-like field. I was going forward and everything was just fine. Suddenly, I knew I had to get to the end of the field. I started running and ended up getting to the open side and falling flat on my face. I realized that I was kissing someone's foot and it was intentional. I had meant to fall down. I knew the person - I looked up into his face [I have had this dream a few times with a couple minor differences, and different people's feet are made out with. And it's not always a dude, either. Unless some of my "female" friends have soemthing they'd like to share with me.]... and he grinned at me and called me by a different name. There was a pause, then he started to say something, but I woke up. I don't remember if they were all separate dreams or if the face changed or what, but it's been a lot of different people. Sometimes, I wonder.

Oh, and one more dream. This one wasn't as odd as it should have been. I was at some gaming session at MSUM, in the CMU. I'm walking down the hall, and I think I was talking to myself. It was very important, because I have no idea what about. So I am wandering off somewhere. And I see a bottle in the corner - it looks like a wine bottle. I'm curious, so I go over there and pick it up. It is, indeed a wine bottle. Suddenly, I kiss the side of the bottle. That was it. I don't know why I'm making out with wine bottles. I don't. I wish I did, though.

Hey, if I have any more cracked-out dreams... I'll post them again. But you know... I kinda miss the random ones that usually involved the manatees and cake and stuff. They were less baffling. Or even the ones where I'm other people.

Louis, the lower you go, the better I feel. This band is also on crack. Army of Lovers is on crack, I tell you.

Right now, I can't feel my feet - I don't know why and my legs feel about three inches tall. I'm guessing it's that sleeping time again... it's this funky floating feeling and you can't locate your own appendages. Then I kicked my foot and I can feel it again... kinda. You know, I think I'm gonna go crash now. And Candyman Messiah is playing, and we all know what that means.
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Camping. Because YOU care. [Jul. 17th, 2004|03:43 am]
The Animequeens
[mood |nostalgicnostalgic]
[music |L'Ame Immortelle - Slut]

The camping trip actually went really, really well. I'm happy with how everything went, and I'd like to remember it as well as I can. So, writing!!

I woke up. This is an IMPORTANT detail. I took my driving test the day before, and I passed! It was so cool. I was really happy about it. But I didn't call Tammi and Marty the night before to let them know that they don't have to come pick me up this fine morning. So I groggily stomp my way up the stairs and call Tammi. She is really happy and congradulates me. I thank her - she tells me that Marty's car is really full already and she has a lot of errands to run and has to go get Matt. I offer to go get him - I can't do her errands for her! So she gives me his number - I'm supposed to call him when I get there. So I shower, [which will be the last time for a few days] put on the Mighty Trucker Hat and get my ass in the car and go to Wal-Mart. I buy ibuprofin there and a disposable camera. Better to ruin a crappy plastic camera than one I actually could have spent real money on, right? So I toss these things in the back seat and rock out to my silly little CD player. It was rockin'. So I get onto the interstate, which I hate driving on. And I get on the right exit and manage to get to Matt's place. I'm sitting outside the apartment building, realizing I don't know what apartment he lives in. Shit. So I try calling him, but my cell phone informs me this number doesn't exist. I double-check it with the number Tammi gave me and it matches... [I later found out I had to dial the area code or the cell thinks that the number doesn't exist.] I call Tammi and harass the poor woman some more. She gives me Matt's apartment number and I go ring the bell. He's surprised to hear from me. Well, I think he was expecting Tammi for one, and about a half an hour later for another. But he lets me in and opens the door. O_o. He stumbles off, chiding me for not calling. I explain that my cell is retarded and he laughs. He's had no sleep - about three hours. He puts his shirt on backwards. I don't say anything - he noticed anyway. So we throw shit in the backseat. He's cheerful and talkative, as always. Which is nice for me, because I'm nervous as hell. He teases me most of the way back to Tammi and Marty's. Tammi lets us in, and we talk about strange things for about an hour, waiting for Marty to get back from work. We discuss the joys of children's shows, people having sex and Matt's tendency to be riddled with unpleasant images he shares with us all. Marty gets back when we're having some sort of awkward moment... But we move everything into the cars. It's funny. I have Mighty Trucker Hat. If I'm going to be SuperGreaseBall, I might as well put SuperGreaseBallHair under something. Matt directs my crappy driving to the Hornbacher's. We go in and buy a lot of meat. A LOT of meat. No one made one homoerotic comment on it, though, so I just thought it to myself and giggled. Like a 'tard. We buy ice and meat, cookies and some other stuff... mostly meat. Matt scurries away and Tammi buys crayons. Marty is off being mysterious. I have no idea where he went at this point in time. I end up scurrying off to the bathroom shortly afterward. I hate driving on the interstate, and I might as well not have to pee while doing so. We buy our food, which is very thrilling. Meat is not cheap, for those who do not often buy four days' worth of meat. We head out to the cars, trying to shove coolers into my backseat. They somehow manage to fit! This is still a mystery to me. We have food now. Tammi and I scurry back into there to buy more ice. We discuss the joys of moving dirty boxes and icey... ice bags... and her co-worker's problem with Dirty Boobies. It happened to be on that topic, because of the tendency to get things on her chest. But we get everything packed in and we head out. I try to follow Marty, with Matt's direction. We are on the road and Matt and I discuss games and the finer points of being as geeky as we all are. We get into the place, we buy the permit for my car and we are off again. It's a good drive out to the campsite and we get there and set up tents and throw the firewood against the cement block in the ground. We cover that with a tarp. Yay for foresight, huh? I help Matt set up his tent, again with a lot of direction. Because I never know what the hell is going on. He puts his stuff in it, I stand like a 'tard. This will be an interesting trip. If I manage to start paying attention, anyway... Tammi and Marty get their tent set up as well. You may have guessed this point. So everything is all out and in place and it's hot as hell and humid, to boot. So we head down to the lake, in my Sexy Beast Car. My skills in driving make other people laugh. They are slow and somewhat crappy. But we get there, alive, and Tammi and Matt wade into the lake. Marty and I sit like super-cool people on the beach, cracking retarded jokes and thinking we are somewhat witty. Well, he was. I wasn't. After a while, we get hungry and decide we ought to head back and eat food. So we drive back. It's a happy time with my no-direction and Matt consistently shotgun. Why is it called shotgun? Anyway. Matt tells me when we get back that I best put some shit in a tent. I don't know which one I'm staying in, so I ask which one I'm supposed to put shit in. He thinks, tells me that Tammi and Marty's will be somewhat cramped, and if I want, I am welcome to stay with him. I take him up on that offer. He says that I don't have to worry, he will not molest me in the night. I laugh and tell him that the thought didn't cross my mind. He looks disappointed and wails, "Ah! I'm not even a threat anymore!!" Someone informs him that this is because he is married, thus, he is sexless. I toss my stuff in with his. I am super-careful with my stuff, as always. I am mostly unaware of my surroundings. We sit in the tent and I am taught how to play cribbage. How the hell is "cribbage" spelled, anyway? Matt sleeps, Tammi reads. Marty teaches me how to play. He wins, of course. He has this mystery called... "skill." Which I do not possess. There was this great moment when I learned what, "Nineteen" in cribbage means. It does NOT mean, as I thought, that it cancels out points. O_o. It means you didn't have any. Why nineteen is used, I do not know. ^^;; Then we are hungry, so we cook dinner, which I don't remember what it was. Likely, it was meat. What a shock! They wonder why I do not sit on a chair. I am happy with the ground - furniture is for Satan-worshippers. Tammi starts to roast marshmallows. She tells me to take over for her, for she is eating a gooey chocolate-marshmallow thingy, which I can't remember the name of! After about a minute, the thing is melting off the skewer - Marty tells me to swing it over by him and I do, accidentally burning him. He insists I didn't, so I let it go, managing to catch Matt's hand with the hot metal. He yelps and I apologize, then feel really shitty. We burn paper and bills, and a Neopet plastic box, which Matt is no longer allowed to burn. We do a toast with mead, when the park people aren't watching us. We're good people. On the inside. Really. I eventually have to do the first toast, and I can't think of a thing and sputter out, "Uh... to not dying?" Marty laughs and says, "Immortality? I'll drink to that!" And does so. It wasn't quite what I meant, but oh well - it was a toast. We all toast to something, I think. We finish off a half a bottle of mead, mostly by Marty and Tammi. We take a walk down to a sight-seeing place to look at stars, but I am distracted the whole way. I don't want to turn on my flashlight - we've got three on already. Might as well not use it if I don't have to. And I'm staring up at the sky, looking at the pretty little gas jewels, wandering off the path. I catch myself before making an ass of me and falling into a ditch or something. Suddenly, in the middle of the road, we stop. We are watching the stars, and I am happy. And cold. Tammi leans on Marty and Matt wanders about, looking at stuff and eventually comes over to me, asking me if I'm bored - I live out in the boonies, and probably do this all the time. I tell him no, I really like watching stars. To tell the truth, I don't do it as much as I would like. Light pollution sucks balls. He grins and elbows me, in his Matt-like way. Marty asks me a couple of times on the way there and back if I'm okay. I am, just... distracted. I want to look at this one tree, but we walk past it and a park ranger drives by and tells us to hurry on back to our campsite... so I let it go. I want to sit and stare at nothing for a little while, so Matt heads off before going to sleep, Tammi [so I assumed] wanted some time with Marty, and I lay on my back near the water. I am only half-awake, when Matt comes back and stumbles into the tent. Tammi goes to bed and Marty asks me again if I am okay, and I respond that I am. He goes to bed, too, and I realize about ten minutes later that I will wake Matt up by getting into the tent. So I go up to the latrine and stuff and come back, hesitating at entering the tent. Finally, I did, trying to be quiet and failing miserably. I failed my check, apparently. As I fall ungracefully into the tent, smashing my head into the ground, I realize he wasn't asleep anyway. So must for subtlety, huh? And that was fine, but I was all awkward. If I'm going to be sleeping in here with him, I best not sing, talk, or snore loudly. That is unpleasant. There are just things about me the world does NOT need to hear. O_o. We have enough space in which I can flail, but I best not do that, either. I gave a girl a bloody nose once from that... I lay on my belly, finally willing myself to go to sleep in the hot, stuffy sleeping bag. Damn thing. Ever notices that when you sleep outside, the temperature fluctuates constantly? Maybe it's just me. I wake up in the middle of the night and I don't know why. Matt says, "Well, that question is answered. Did you hear that tree fall?" I tell him no, I didn't, all groggy. I sleep like I'm dead. I am not what one would call a... morning person. I am what one would call a "heavy sleeper." You try to wake me up and I try to punch you in the teeth. Or grunt loudly at you. But there were no bruises, so I shall assume I did not connect on the swing... XD

I wake up about a half an hour before Matt. But I don't want to exit and give him a faceful of ass or wake him up. And I'll likely do both, with my excessive grace. So I lay awake, pondering shit, when he wakes up and I sit up, staring like a 'tard off into space. Tammi is very excited, because a turtle came up to the shore [about where I was sitting the night before] to lay her eggs. She had apparently been there for about three hours and Tammi took a lot of pictures of it. We sit by the fire, eat sausages, have a scare because Matt thinks I forgot his stove... I just didn't know it was box-shaped! It was. It is the mystery box-stove. So he and Marty cook up sausage and hashbrowns, and we all eat them. Like one normally does with breafast... O_o. It was kindof early, and we sit on our asses and be cool until it gets too humid, when we played cribbage in the tent for awhile and Tammi read. She isn't fond of card games. But she's happy with her Stephen King book, Needful Things. We drive down to the lake again, and this time I remember to bring my book and my pencils. Now I know I'm a geek. Pencils at the beach. Ho-yeah! Matt and Tammi wander off, wanting to go in the water, but it's really windy. It sort of clears up and Matt and Tammi go wading for rocks again. Matt comes up to me and asks tries, in vain, to convince me to go in the water. I decline. Because going in water is for SATANISTS! It's a very convieniet, catch-all excuse. It rains on and off all day, but the afternoon is very clear and humid. The lake is still windy. Matt ends up getting kinda sick and we decide to head back. But we can see that it's going to storm and it's going to be a boomer. At one point or another, Matt informs me that, "Well, now you can tell your mom that you slept with me!" I consider this for a moment... then decide that my mother would probably not appreciate that humor. She wouldn't get it. And then I'd probably be grounded for three months. But the look on her face would be worth it... >_o We get back to the campsite and eat hot dogs, which Tammi and I cook. The ones I cook get all scorchy. And burned. Matt is trying to shift something in the fire and fire leaps up and scorches his hand, which makes him yelp. Poor guy. We all tease each other like retards and break out the mead. Marty toasts to something that I can't remember, Tammi toasts to kittens, Matt toasts silently, and I can't think of anything and toast to... a good storm. Matt find this weird, but pours a little into the fire anyway. Well, I guess I have the SUPERPOWER [because it stormed like all hell that night].... We hang out in the tent for awhile, and I keep getting this uneasy feeling. I've had it before, with some other things and the night before. We kindof stumble into that type of topic and I blurt out, "Does anyone else feel that?!" No one answers. Marty seems to be sleeping and Matt asks me what I'm talking about. I try to explain, but it doesn't work very well. If I learned how to use my brain and tongue in UNISON, talking might work better. We decide we're going to head off into bed, then. After wandering around in the dark like super-cool people that we are, we get into the tent. I discover that Matt is impossible to be angry around. You learn something every day, I guess. Just as it's starting to rain and I'm out like a light. I didn't even feel tired. But about an hour later, Matt is poking me, asking me, "Hey, is your car unlocked?" I am not conscious, so I just respond, "...uh-huh.....why?" He tells me, "Well, we're gonna go sleep in it." I ask him why - this is making no sense to me. I sit up and a very loud clap of thunder goes off, making me jump. He explains that the tent is leaking and we go crash in the car. I had been sleeping in a puddle. Had he not informed me, I would have slept in the puddle the whole night and wondered why my ass was cold. Me as a lookout is not a good idea. My car is not the most comfortable. But we sleep, soaked. I giggle at some fart joke in my head. Wow, consciousness is fun!

We end up waking up at five-thirty AM. We've slept for about six hours. We're tired and kindof zooey. At least, I am. We try to start a fire, and it's not working. Everything is soaked. We eventually get one started, Tammi gets up and we all have lemon tea. It tastes really good, even though I burn the fuck out of my tongue. Marty gets up an hour later, so it's around seven-thirty. We eat breakfast, sausages and hashbrowns again. Everything is going okay, but we're out of charcoal and ice. So Marty says he'll drive in and get some, who wants to come with? Matt says he's staying, Tammi says she is, so I go. We have a nice talk on the way into Pelican Rapids. We drive into the grocery store parking lot, and it's closed Sundays, so we scoot over to the gas station and I wander off to find charcoal. We buy stuff. We get back and we don't see anybody. Apparently, our ever-conscious camp guards fell asleep. Which is fine. None of us have slept much. We take some pictures of Matt, which I think is fucking hilarious. Marty is quiet, as usual. We sit around and wait for Matt to wake up. Marty falls asleep in the chair next to the fire. Tammi roasts more marshmallows and we eat them. They are delicious. Matt wakes up and comes to harass. Tammi has braided Matt's hair and Marty's by this point and lets me braid hers. Mine has lost its hairband, so I just let it sit. We hang around some more and then head to the lake. I sit and try to draw stuff, and all three of them wander off to look for pretty rocks. It goes okay, but I am not pleased with my attempts. I get mad about trying to draw the trees like people, but they look like they're having a good butt-fuck. Sometimes I wonder why half the shit I draw looks like things having a good butt-fuck. It's a gift. Matt comes and sits by me again, and tries to convince me of going in the water. I continue my three-day not-going-in-the-water streak. Matt claps me on the back and dances off. Marty comes up after awhile and sits. He looks through my notebook, liking the Wendy and Juno drawing, which is embarrassing... I whine about the trees when he gets to them. He insists they are good. I insist they suck balls, as always. So Marty wants to prove that I am a better artist, so he starts drawing. I let him, enjoying waiting for it. I don't want him to feel rushed. Matt and Tammi come up, and Tammi dumps rocks onto the table, happy and wet. They invite me to go down with them and I say, "...okay." Matt is shocked and teases me and I just grin at him. We walk down to the park line and they go pretty far out. I hear this kid screeching, "Owwie! Owwie!! OW!" And he seems to be stuck, so I slosh over there and ask him if he's okay. He shrieks. Jeez, don't answer me or anything. I get closer and he slides out from where he's stuck. I ask him if it's all okay and he goes, "Uh... yeah!!" And runs desperately away from me. I shrug and slosh back over to Tammi and Matt, who both look at me inquisitively. I explain that the kid was stuck. I hate hearing crying. I don't like children, but I don't like hearing them cry. It is not only a very unsettling noise, but it's kindof grating. We walk back and Marty finally finishes and lets me see. I like it very, very much. So we sit and Tammi and Matt come back. We drive back to the campsite. Tammi and Marty cook some hot dogs and brats, which fall repeatedly into the fire. This pisses off Marty a lot, and we eventually get them cleaned off and cooked. They taste good. We break out the mead and toast again, to whatever comes to mind. I toast to stuff. We all go and crash in the tent. We're all in one tent now, because no one wants to go sleep in the marvelous bed-car, with me on the far right, then Matt next to me, Tammi next to him and Marty on the far left. Weird conversations ensue. I learn that sometimes, it is better to sleep a lot. I have a weird dream that I can't remember now. >_<

We all eventually wake up. Yay! We lived! I actually woke up a few times in the night on top of other people, but they weren't aware of it. Which is probably better for everyone. We put everything in the cars and go to Pelican for breakfast. I am told that the pancakes are of the Devil. Best not to eat them, I suppose. The food of the Devil will turn me into a raving Satanist! With low self-esteem!! Gr! >_< I bring Matt home and drag his stuff into his place. I go home and shower. It is a weird feeling to be clean. O_o. Weird good. Not weird bad.

Well, there is the mighty camping trip in all its glory. Of course, I edited out the wild orgies and the intense drug usage, but you know... Just gotta roll with it. *_*

Oh yeah, and now Matt knows how I describe him. Haha.
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Hmm... [Apr. 2nd, 2004|11:58 pm]
The Animequeens
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Things that make you go.. hmm...

People need to shut up more. Shut up and prove it. Two of the most powerful phrases, in my opinion. I'm so sick of this religious controversy. Let the Ten Comandments stay. If other religious groups wish to make a donation of their rules, they should be allowed. Let gay people marry. No religion should have an impact on our government. It's a nifty thing called "separation of church and state." That means any church. No religious text should be mentioned in a governmental/political argument. Goddamnit, people. In this day and age, we're still acting like other religions have cooties. Just shut up, okay? No one wants to hear it any more. Shut up, grow up, and if you have some gripe, prove it. Thank you.
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groo. [Mar. 18th, 2004|07:38 pm]
The Animequeens
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No, we aren't dead. Now you know.

But now it is ME who has a rant. Things I am sick of, which is mostly different types of people:
1. People who tell you one thing and then do another.
2. People who bitch and whine about oppression. Shut up.
3. People who bitch about religion.
4. People who bitch, period. Because I NEVER do. ^_-
5. People who tell you not to judge them by their looks.
6. People who charge too damn much for shipping on eBay.
7. Art critics. Shut up, you're a moron.
8. Psychologists. You, too, are a moron.
9. People who can do nothing but talk about sex.
10. Final bitch!! Self-important people WHO DON'T FUCKING SIGNAL!!

I hate it when someone tells me, "Oh, yeah, I'll do that," or "Oh, no, I would never!", then turns and does the exact opposite of what they just proclaimed. ?_? I am baffled. Excuse me? Why don't you just tell me the truth? Why should I care? Example A: Pot. I do not smoke pot. So the other person goes and says, "Oh, I would never!". Then you find out that they are a pot fiend. Why should I care if you smoke pot? Why WOULD I care? It doesn't affect me, now does it? Why did you have to lie? Can't you just say, "Oh. That's cool." And move on, if you don't want to discuss your extra-curricular activites?! Is this so HARD? Example B: I will never betray you. Okay, buddy. For one, you are lying. You do not know that you will NEVER betray me. Tell me that you'll TRY to never betray me or something, okay? I know this is nit-picky, but for Pete's sake [whoever Pete may be], don't frickin' tell me that you're on my side when you stinking AREN'T! Just stop lying!! I understand little lies, like, "Yeah... I wasn't listening. I don't know what she just said." I mean, yeah, whatever, your morals and people's egos aren't really at stake if you say that. No one ought to care. But when you deliberately LIE to me to pretend that you're so perfect... *snort*

Oohhh, oppression. This is gonna get me into SO much trouble. Okay, people of "oppressed" skin color - this can be any color of the rainbow! Purple, peach, black, brown, yellow, red, green, I don't freakin' care. STOP WHINING. You're not oppressed. You're only seen as a victim and feel like a victim because you paint yourself to be one. Stop being a victim and you won't be any more. Your skin color doesn't matter to people any more than how many bowel movements you have a day does. You're not oppressed, at least not in America. Yes, there are some people who will discriminate against you. People will discriminate against you no matter WHAT you are, so stop bitching. You can be discriminated against for thousands of things - age, hair color, clothing style, body adornment, religion, sexual orientation, skin color, sex/gender [depending on your definition], hobbies, whatever!! Women are not oppressed. Stop being a victim and be a person. You are more than just "woman/womyn." You are a person, not a sex. Stop bitching about "castration of the woman," and how men are shit. They are not. They're people, like you are. If you wouldn't paint such a broad band between male and female, there wouldn't be one. There are cultures in the world where men are the "mother" figure and women are the "hunter" figure. I think it was Arapesh society, but I can't remember. The men in the culture gossip and worry about appearance and child-rearing, etc. and the women hunt and drink and fart a lot, I guess. So you see, the difference between male/female is culture-driven. Don't believe me? Stop whining and prove it. My final note on this: If you don't see yourself as a victim, then you aren't.

Religion. Okay, let's get one thing straight: I'm not persecuting anyone. Moving forward now. I see this problem with two types of people, mostly. Hardcore Christians and teenage other-religions. The Christians hate anyone outside of the Christian religion, and the teenage other-religions despise Christianity. They claim that "organized religion" is just sheep and sheepherders, it's brainwashing, etc. The Christians bitch about baby Jesus crying. Um, yeah, whatever. I have a friend who refuses to see "The Passion of The Christ" because she's Wiccan and hates anything to do with Christianity. Let's see, you could look at it from a STORY point of view. It's the story of a man who suffered for what he believed to be the good of people. It's a painful story. You don't necessarily have to look at it like, "Oh, that's my Savior! Look at him suffer! It is PAIN!" Well, narf. True torture is generally not pleasureable. Pain kinda happens when people flog you. Now, don't get me wrong. Not all Christians are Bible-thumping, cross-bearing martyrs. Not all teenage other-religions are bitchy brats. Religion is a personal thing, people. Other humans believe other things. It HAPPENS. I'm going to start with the people who worship Satan because he's EVIL. [which I will make a point on later.] Shut up. Ah, that takes care of you. Now other people who just generally hate "organized religion," when what they mean is that they hate going/being around churches of a Christian faith. First off, you probably had some bad experience with a Bible-thumper who got all in-your-face and godly, bitching about you going to Hell, right? Or something. In other words, forced their view on you. And you did whatever you did. Not all Christians are like that. You don't like the fanatics - you don't hate the religion. If you actually look at the doctrines of ORIGINAL Christianity [which I believe sprung from Judaism, but I might be wrong on that.], you'll see it's not as bad as you think. It's a nice, simple religion. Power-hungry officials who committed simony were the ones who ruined it. The Popes and kings of historic Europe ruined it. They sold the church offices to anyone with money - not religious people. It was used to hold sway over peasants, not enrich their lives. It was a political tool. So accept the religion for what it was intended to be - not what it's turned into. And to the Bible-thumpers... for the sake of all that is good and pleasant!! Stop forcing things on people who don't believe! God [if he's really there] wouldn't want you to hurt anyone. If everyone is His child, then why would he want you to make them feel bad? God has many faces and people recognize them in different ways. [thank you, Mr. Linsner, I stole that from you.]There's no need to be hostile or cruel. Now accept other views and like each other. I mean, the Enlightenment happened because Catholics and Protestants stopped hating/killing each other. The Enlightenment is considered one of the greatest periods of science in history. Maybe we can have another when wars stop happening over what to call That High Being.... By the way, if you want to read some REALLY awesome literature about/concerning the Christian doctrines, read To Reign in Hell by Steven Brust. That is some awesome stuff. It's the old, familiar story of Satan getting kicked out of Heaven. But know one thing: Satan, Lucifer and Beelzebub are SEPARATE beings. They always were, but sometimes people thing they're all the same.

Continuing on my anger!! I am going to judge you on how you look. That doesn't mean just because you have green, spiky hair and multiple piercings that you can't be nice or smart. As a matter of fact, you can be a hundred different people. Just because you're middle-aged doesn't mean you're a dolt. But I can't get to know you by looking at you. People often display their personalities by how they dress. There is a stereotype associated with how you look. It came from somewhere, you know. It wasn't just randomly assigned by The Great Blade of Grass who looked at girls in short skirts and said, "People will think you're a slut!!" No, it came to be from women who wore short skirts and WERE easy that a short skirt meant that the woman WAS easy. People display themselves in their dress. At least, they sometimes do. But to totally NOT judge you by how you look? Absurd. I can't get to know everyone. I have to make snap judgements to protect myself. If the stereotypical murderer wore ballet tutus, I would sort of skirt around people in ballet tutus, because they had a reputation. That doesn't mean that if they spoke to me, I would be rude. If they're nice, I'll be nice. But there's a reason people dress the way they do. And a lot of the people bitching about being judged are punk wanna-be's who think that KoRn rocks. Don't get me wrong, I just get sick of their high-school mentality. These are the kids that when you walk near them, they'll yell, "WHATCHOO LOOKIN' AT?!" ... "I was looking at that poster to your left, thank you very much." "GET OUTTA MY FACE, BITCH!!!" ..."Dude, you're the one who walked up and shoved your face three inches from mine. I would think you'd just back up." "BIIIITCH!!!" ... okay, a bit of an exaggeration, but you see what I'm getting at? To you dumbasses who bitch about it, here's a question - when you see a middle-aged, balding, overweight man, what do you think? That should shut you up if you're using over 6 brain cells.

Um... people should charge less for shipping on eBay because I'm a cheap bastard.

Art critics... oh, you fuckers. I love you so DAMN MUCH. You almost know art. You can tell me who Picasso is and that he's a genius, but you can't tell me why he's a "true visionary." Personally, I think Picasso's art is neat, but I don't really like it that much. It's INTERESTING, but that doesn't make it GOOD. It was good in his eyes - it made him happy, and that's all that matters anyway. You wouldn't know art if it bit you in the ass and ripped out your colon. You'd keep gawking at Renaissance art and whine about symbolism. You know what? you couldn't give me a definition for ART. You can hem and haw and tell me that Michaelangelo [sorry, Mike, I can't spell your name so well] was a god, that Rembrandt was a genius, that unknown Greek sculptors were true visionaries... and so on and so forth, but you can't tell me WHY. Art is to the eye of the beholder [not the CR 18 freak with tentacles, but I'm going to stop being a geek.], not just YOU. This is my definition of art: You've put love into it. THAT'S why Mike was a god. He really loved what he did. He loved it. THAT made it art. That's why Picasso was nifty. HE loved it, too. These people, over the course of history, made art with love. THAT'S why they were so good. Anything can be art - speech, sports, traditional art, whatever. If you put love into it, it's art in my opinion. So stop looking for deep symbolism and appreciate that that canvas contains someone's soul. That soccer player has put him/herself into that game. They're the true artists - not some prickish upstart who thinks that just because s/he can make red squiggles that "represent LIFE and MAN'S STRUGGLE TO EXIST!!!" that they're ARTEESTS. Shut your holes and do something real. Art doesn't have any rule but one: Love what you do. If you don't love it, it's not worth it.

Psychologists. You don't know me just because I talk to you. You know what I tell you and what you can infer from that. Don't assume I'm the crazy one.

People who talk about nothing but sex. Find something else. Sex is only interesting for so long. Yes, I know I can have 6-hour long perverse conversations, but it's all in jest. Find something else to define yourself.

And self-important people. You're the worst. What makes you more important? Why are YOU so enlightened to tell me what is best? Nothing, that's what. You may hold a stick of power, but it only matters when other people believe it holds power over them. If they stop believing, you don't matter any more. It's like those people who think they're better than the general public because they watch ANIME and they KNOW SOME JAPANESE. Yes. Baka. How impressive. I know that word too. Oh? Kawaii? Ja mata ne? Kuso? I am enthralled. So you learned to imitate a sound from a movie. Congrats, you fuggin genius. They claim Japanese culture is SO SUPERIOR to American culture. Hello?! No, it's not. No culture is "superior" to another in EVERY WAY. The Japanese are just as imperfect as the Americans. So is everyone else, from Guatamala to Russia to Tanzania and back. You can go ahead and appreciate Japanese culture - just don't forget your own. [yes, this applies to anyone who's obsessed with any culture - their own or otherwise.] Appreciate the world around you. It's a big, beautiful place!


Ah, I feel better. Now, if only I wasn't such a hypocrite, huh?
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